Let us Sell your Boat or Find you a Boat!

Our commitment to you

Our brokerage firm is owned and operated by Bayview Harbour Marina in Port Rowan.   Our hydraulic trailer can transport boats up to 40 feet in length. You can arrange for us to pick up your boat and bring it to our marina. We have boat slips in the marina and in Port Dover dedicated to boats for sale. Many other dealers have to rely on marinas in order to launch boats or conduct sea trials.

Selling a Boat?

Our goal is to provide you with superior customer service from the initial listing  to the final sale of your vessel.   In order for you to obtain a good price for your boat, the following things need to occur.

1. Your boat needs to be clean and ready to show off.

You can choose to take care of this yourself, or you may choose to let our team of experts take care of you.  Like a home that is for sale, it is crucial to keep the interior and exterior of your boat clean and tidy throughout the brokerage process. Extra effort on this will yield higher selling prices.

2. Your boat must be in good mechanical order.

Our licensed marine technicians are happy to inspect your vessel to ensure that everything is in top notch working order. If we find any deficiencies, we will provide you with a list of items prior to the creation of a listing. We can also order and install replacement parts for you. Many buyers will require a marine survey as a condition of sale, so we can provide you with an excellent marine surveyor if required. Attention to these details before conducting sea trials  lowers the chances of prospective buyers of making low counter offers once they learn of these deficiencies during a showing or sea trial. 

3. Effective advertising is critical.

We will create a detailed listing including a variety of photos of the hull, engine drives. decks, galley, navigation stations, staterooms, engine compartment, and accessories . Because you are more familiar with your own boat better than anyone else, the creation of an accurate description of your boat and included accessories will be made in consultation  with you.  Our brokerage team will actively post your boat listing on high traffic sites including our website, Kijiji, Boatdealers.ca, (which contains 56% of all boat listings in Ontario).  The low Canadian dollar presently provides US buyers a 25% discount on boats purchased in Canada.  We will strive to attract prospective buyers from the US by advertising your boat on American boat brokerage sites such as boatersnet.net.

4. The sea trial matters!

Interested buyers depend on the broker to conduct meaningful sea trials prior to making the important decision to buy your boat.  Our team will thoroughly outline all of the mechanical features of your boat to prospective buyers prior to and during the sea trial.  We will be glad to answer any questions that they may have.  In order to facilitate multiple sea trials and to greatly increase the chances of a sale, we can moor your boat in a slip at our marina for a period of time.  Many other boat brokers in the area depend on local marinas to perform multiple launches which can become quite costly to the seller.  This convenience will save you time and money.

5. Let us do the paperwork!

In order to ensure a smooth process from beginning to finish, we will complete all required documentation  in order to sell your boat.  The initial listing agreement will be completed collaboratively with you.  We will present all offers to purchase to you in a timely fashion.  Once a buyer has been found, we will provide both you and buyer with a Buyer Closing Statement which includes the selling price (minus any deposit in escrow).  We are also more than willing to guide you through the transfer of ownership process.

Looking for a boat?

We are committed to helping you find the perfect boat for your needs!  We are well respected by the various marinas and boat dealers across Southwestern Ontario.  You can count on us to find a boat that catches your eye.  We can arrange to have a licensed marine surveyor conduct a full inspection of the hull and engine(s).  You can arrange to have us transport a boat from its location to Bayview Marina in order to conduct a sea trial.  We will work hard to provide a realistic offer to purchase and our ultimate goal is to negotiate a favourable price for you.  

Bayview Harbour Marina - Port Rowan
Bayview Harbour Marina - Port Rowan